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Speciality cleaning

In addition to routine cleaning services, Renew & Shine Cleaning offers one-time services that will help you meet unique cleaning needs. This might involve having your apartment cleaned after you or a tenant moves out or cleaning up after a new construction or remodeling project is complete.

When meeting these needs, we offer a deep clean that will help you restore the clean appearance of any living space. We’ll bring out the beauty in your home or apartment to meet a tenant's expectations or your own satisfaction.

Use our tenant clean out service to prepare your vacant rental property

Whether you need cleaning services for AirBnB or a traditional apartment, you can rely on Renew & Shine Cleaning to restore the beautiful look of your rental unit. When a tenant or guest vacates your rental, you’ll need to prepare it for the next tenant. An important part of this process includes cleaning the unit from top to bottom.

We’ll clean all surfaces from counters and cabinets to carpeted and tile floors. These cleaning services for AirBnB and apartments include the use of safe and effective cleaning products. We’ll shampoo the carpets and wax the floors if necessary.

We’ll also clean window sills and mirrors for a brighter shine throughout. We’ll leave you with a rental unit you’ll be proud to show off to prospective tenants.

Person vacuuming a couch
Person cleaning furniture

Use our cleaning services and move out with confidence

After you have lived in an apartment or house rental for a number of years, it’s only natural to expect some wear and tear damage. You’ll ensure you get your security deposit back if you can restore the living space to like-new condition.

After you use our cleaning services, move out knowing that you’ll have a much better chance of getting your full security deposit returned to you.

Our tenant clean-out service is a deep clean that will remove scuff marks from surfaces throughout the home. Our carpet shampooing equipment can bring out carpet indentations that might otherwise attract attention. In fact, many “damages” are only superficial blemishes that our deep cleaning service will remove.

Finish a remodeling job with our post-construction cleaning service

Whether you’re having your dream home built from the ground up or you plan to remodel one part of an existing home, you might not be thinking about the clean-up process. While your contractor will do some minor clean-up, such as sweeping or removing debris, that's as far as they will go.

Renew & Shine Cleaning offers a post-construction cleaning service that will bring out the beauty of your newly finished space. Whether you have redesigned a bathroom, added onto your living room, or finished your bathroom, we can help you bring out the beauty in every surface.

You’ll enjoy each new space much more when it looks clean, sanitary, and brand-new

Person cleaning a mirror

We'll help you beautify any living space


Whether you own rental property, live in an apartment, or own a home, we’ll help you maintain a clean and sanitary environment. To discuss your cleaning needs, call us at 860-967-6400 today. You can also schedule special cleaning services by contacting us online.

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