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Residential cleaning

Renew & Shine Cleaning provides the housekeeping services you need to keep your home looking bright and beautiful. We aim to keep your family and pets safe while eliminating unwanted germs and bacteria.

When you leave the cleaning to us, you’ll enjoy the same level of cleaning you find in your favorite 4-star hotel.

Still not sure? The following overview will help you learn more about the services we offer. Before you search online for “home cleaning services near me,” find out why we should be your first choice.

What do residential cleaning services include?

Whether you want to request cleaning services for apartments or a full house, you’ll find that our team is thorough. We clean all surfaces throughout your home to ensure germs and dust won’t have a place to hide. These surfaces include cleaning shelves, cabinets, and countertops throughout your home. If you need the insides of your cabinets cleaned, please contact us, as that will involve an additional fee.

Our experienced team is effective in cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. If you have dirty dishes in your sink, we will wash them for you. Our house cleaning service also includes cleaning the inside of your microwave.

We’ll vacuum carpeted floors and rugs throughout your home. You can trust us to clean any type of flooring in your home. Since windowsills quickly become dirty or grimy, we will also clean those surfaces with each visit. 

Person cleaning window
Person washing dishes

Who can use a professional cleaning service?

You might not think you need apartment or house cleaning services, but it might surprise you to learn how many people use the kinds of services we offer. Parents who work full-time jobs and single adults who are busy pursuing fast-paced careers can all save time with the services that Renew & Shine Cleaning offers.

Even if you’re a college student, you can enjoy the time-saving advantages you’ll get when you use residential cleaning services. We’ll clean for you, giving you more time to study, relax, or engage in extracurricular activities.

Regardless of your career or stage of life, rely on our cleaning services to help you maintain a cleaner and more sanitary home.

What are the benefits of using a house cleaning service?

As you learn about the advantages of hiring a residential cleaning company, you’ll want to search for a home cleaning service near you. After a short search, you’ll find that no one offers the level of service we offer at our cost-friendly rates.

Some benefits of using a cleaning service for apartments or homes include:

  • Enjoying a better quality cleaning service

  • Keeping surfaces sanitary to protect children and pets

  • Bringing out the beauty in your home

  • Saving your energy for more important tasks

In addition to these common advantages, letting us clean your home may provide even more benefits. We’ll help you live a more comfortable and healthier life with our cleaning services.

Person cleaning a bathroom sink tap

Contact the experts for a deeper clean


When you schedule services with Renew & Shine Cleaning, you can trust our satisfaction guarantee. In addition to the broad range of cleaning services we offer, we will customize our services to meet your unique needs. To learn more or schedule service, contact us online or call 860-967-6400 today!

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