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Office cleaning

When it comes to managing your office, countless things need your attention. On top of more practical operations, you will also have to keep a clean office area. A cleaner office will keep your employees healthier and present a more professional look to visitors.

Renew & Shine Cleaning can help you maintain a cleaner office with our commercial office cleaning services. As you learn more about the specifics of our cleaning services for your office, you’ll see why we offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to your cleaning needs.

What do we include with our office cleaning services?

We will clean all surfaces in your office since we recognize that germs and bacteria thrive on many surfaces. This includes cleaning desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and computer keyboards. We will mop and vacuum floors to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris.

Additionally, our office cleaning service includes cleaning break rooms and kitchen areas. If your office has an area that includes a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, and other appliances, it’s important to keep these areas sanitary and clean. We will take care of that for you.

Person cleaning a floor
Person cleaning bathroom sinks

Why should you use a commercial cleaning service?

Renew & Shine Cleaning has experience cleaning all types of offices. When you’re searching “commercial cleaning service near me,” rely on our services. We will clean your law office, accounting firm, financial planning agency, or insurance brokerage office.

Rather than hiring your own employee to keep your office clean, you’ll find it more cost-effective to schedule our cleaning service. This saves you the cost of having to pay an extra salary and benefits to an employee. You’ll also be able to keep your other employees focused on their tasks. 

Benefits of a clean office

A messy office can inhibit productivity and cause embarrassment when a vendor or client visits your office. We’ll help you avoid those uncomfortable situations.

Our deep cleaning services will also reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, so your employees will stay healthier throughout the year.

Person cleaning a computer keyboard
Person cleaning a table

Custom cleaning services

When you request commercial cleaning services from Renew & Shine Cleaning, you’ll receive a list of services we can perform. You can request all of these services, select any number of them, or request unique cleaning services that may not be on the list. This option can be helpful if your industry requires a higher-than-normal level of cleanliness.

We’ll clean according to your schedule and follow your instructions to provide the customized cleaning services your office requires.

Get the professional quality of service your office needs


Renew & Shine Cleaning will help you maintain a cleaner look in your office. If you have special cleaning needs, discuss them with us when you call 860-967-6400. You can also schedule service when you contact us online.

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