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Retail cleaning

Maintaining a clean business is essential for its success. A brighter and cleaner commercial space will attract more customers through a growing positive brand image. You’ll see more return customers, and glowing reviews will drive more first-time consumers to your doors.

Renew & Shine Cleaning can help you create that positive business image with our commercial cleaning services. We’re a commercial cleaning company with several years of experience. We have the equipment and supplies to help maintain your retail or commercial business’s sanitary condition.

What does our retail cleaning service include?

As a commercial cleaning company, we offer the services you need to keep your business clean on a daily basis. We use safe cleaning products for any commercial environment because we know that the protection of your employees and customers is your primary concern.

Our cleaning service effectively removes dirt, grime, germs, and bacteria. This means your business will be sanitary in addition to looking clean.

Person cleaning a floor
Grocery store shelves filled with products

Cleaning, stripping & waxing of commercial flooring available

As your dedicated commercial cleaning company, we will vacuum your carpeting and rugs and mop your tile or wood flooring to help you combat the dirt and debris that accumulate with frequent foot traffic. We’ll clean appliances, office equipment, and furnishings to help you prevent the spread of bacteria via commonly touched surfaces.

From time to time, your tile floors will need stripping and waxing. We will also perform this service for you. If your floor appears dingy or scuffed, you probably don’t need new floors. Most floor damage won’t pass through the wax sealant. By letting Renew & Shine Cleaning strip and wax your floors, you’ll enjoy flooring that looks brand-new.

Why does your business need a commercial cleaning company?

You might think that your employees can do the cleaning for you, but think about the quality of cleaning your business deserves. The average employee isn’t familiar with the most effective cleaning practices or the best products to use to protect a variety of services. As an experienced commercial cleaning company, we know how to clean and protect every surface in your business.

Think about the time you’ll save for your employees. Effective cleaning requires an attention to detail that will distract your employees from performing more productive tasks.

Do you have special cleaning requirements?

While we clean your business, your staff can focus more on providing high-quality customer service. This way, our cleaning services will help you build a better image for your brand.

Renew & Shine Cleaning will help you meet your unique cleaning requirements. If you have surfaces that must maintain a sanitary condition, we can help you meet those requirements. We can provide any custom cleaning services you need to maintain your business’ sanitary condition

Enjoy the benefits of a commercial cleaning service today!


You can learn more about how Renew & Shine Cleaning can help keep your commercial business looking great when you call us at 860-967-6400. If you’re ready to schedule professional cleaning for your retail or commercial business, contact us online.

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